"You guys sound Canadian."

Take a listen!

Hey folks, we’re happy to share this prerelease version of “Springtime in my Hometown” with you all.  It’s a rockin’ love/hate song about springtime in Edmonton.  Check it via soundcloud here:

The song will be remixed and remastered for the EP, set to be released in early 2014.  Until then, enjoy this version!


Work continues…

Since June 2013, we’ve been intermittently visiting Resonate Studio in Edmonton, chipping away at what will be our debut EP.  ‘Debut’ is only one letter away from ‘debt’ which is something we are trying to avoid.  If you want to buy the 4-song EP before we release it, feel free to contact us…we’ll take your money now and give you something great later.


Bombproof the King of the Jungle


On to Round 3!

Thanks to your votes, Bombproof the Horses has made it into Round 3 of Long & McQuade’s head-to-head contest. Round 3 starts on Monday, October 7. Until then, check out the rest of Round 2 here.

Bombproof your wardrobe!

Hey folks, Bombproof the Horses has limited edition t-shirts available for purchase!  Go to our Facebook page for details.


New rehearsal video “Wide Angles”

Hey everybody, Bombproof the Horses is happy to share a new rehearsal video with you.  This song is called “Wide Angles”…it’s all about perspectives, baby.  If you want to see previous videos visit the  Media page.

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We had a great time playing at Wunderbar on Friday night opening for Winnipeg’s Oldfolks Home and Edmonton’s Consilience. We’ve got a clip of us playing “May Long Weekend” added to our Media page. Check it out!