"You guys sound Canadian."

It’s dot com!!

Hey all,

Our website has grown up — in the words of Homestar Runner, “It’s dot com!”

Go to www.bombproofthehorses.com

See you there!


Exciting times!

March will be a fun and busy month for Bombproof the Horses.  We’ve got a couple gigs plus our CDs should arrive sometime soon!

On Saturday, March 15 we play at Black Dog for free from 4-6 pm.  Opening for us is our singer’s solo project ‘All Kinds of Trouble’.  Check out the Facebook event here.

On Saturday, April 5, we’ll be playing a fundraiser concert for FARA.  Check out the Facebook event here.  Ticket proceeds go to FARA (Friedreich’s Ataxia Research Alliance).

And just last night, we put in an order for CDs.  They should be arriving sometime in March.  Here’s a shot of the cover!