"You guys sound Canadian."

Because at least one of us really adores Sloan…

…I created this pic from pictures taken at our Bohemia gig.bohemia-2-band

Maybe someday, people will chant “Booomb-prooof! Booomb-prooof!” at our shows like they chant “Slooo-oan!” at a Sloan show.  You never know!  Thanks to kind folks with good cameras!


The night before…

…we had a great debut opening for The Shrugs at Bohemia.  Here are a few pics…more to come!



Poster Debut

Bombproof the Horses’ poster debut

I know what you’re thinking…”I’ve heard a lot about these Bombproof the Horses guys, but how do I get to see how awesome they are firsthand?”  Well, fret no more…unless you’re a guitar player, then go fret crazy.  BTH is making their debut at Bohemia Cafe on Tuesday, May 21.  Come get bombproofed!

This is what we call Bombproof the Horses

Hey friendly folks,

Welcome to one of several online homes (‘cuz that’s how it’s done these days) for Bombproof the Horses — an Edmonton indie band ready to rock some socks off.  If you found this page, you deserve a pat on the back.

You’ll find some rehearsal and live videos as well as a demo recording on the Media page. We’re in the midst of recording our debut 4-song EP, which we’re aiming to have available in mid-November 2013. It’ll be chalk-full of hits.

For info on upcoming shows, look in the top right corner.

If you want to book us for a show, offer us some free studio time, or perhaps a recording contract, go to the Contact page.

We’re also on Facebook and Twitter.  Booyah.